status saver for iOS

Most of the social media focus on "status"  where users can share their videos, audio, images and many more so that your friends and family can know about your presence mood. Some status automatically reset after 24 hour and some get down.
If anyone in your contacts either in WhatsApp or in social media like facebook, linkedIn can get updated when you update your address. And they tried to you see your status by clicking on your profile. So you just tries to find different types of esters by searching images, videos, clipart, text, and many more ways so that they can get  popular among their group. There are many software company who have developed programs for you're just so that they can make their video and edit them and save it for their status.

With the help of this post we will discuss about some top apps which can help you to download your from their platform:

  • ShareChat : Is application is famous for downloading short videos and clips for status. You can get all type of video which you are looking for like funny jokes, shayaris, adult, kids and so on. The application support almost 14 languages in which you can download your video.
  • Hello : Hello software is now famous among young age group they used to download small videos and funny videos with the help of this tool. It also contain bollywood and Hollywood news. It is also a platform for you just so that they can make their video and records and upload it to this platform. If you want to be up famous then you can use this tool for making your videos and uploading it to hello. 
  • Video status The software design for iPhone users so that they can update their with the help of this tool. IPhone users does not have much more options for free media but if you are looking for update your status then you can use to so that you can get valentine day status, new song video , lyrics, cartoon & fun video status, festival, regional, national video and many more.
  • All latest video status :The application is basically focus on video so that it can get lots of video for your status.  You can get most trending videos, videos of actors and actress, even you can upload your own videos in this platform so that other users can download your video as status. If you love to make video then this platform is best suitable for you because most of the users are using the rules to become famous in acting.  Even there are celebrities who take participate for making video with the help of this tool. So you can enjoy downloading video and uploading video so that users can make status of your video.

Download software from 9Apps 

 You can get all types of software from 9Apps Store. 9Apps is basically a platform where digital applications and games are stored so that users can download it in their mobiles and device and use it. Just like Google Play Store and other store 9Apps is for same function. The value difference in NFS that you will get all the applications and games for free download.